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VERSE INFERNAL: Poetry Inspired by the Satanic Religion

Some months ago, I teamed up with Ruth Waytz (Church of Satan, Magistra IV°; featured in An American Satan documentary) of Aperient Press (The Satanic Warlock by Dr. Robert Johnson, We Are Satanists by Blanche Barton) to create Verse Infernal: Poetry Inspired by the Satanic Religion.

Verse Infernal is a collection of poetry by the wordsmiths and scribes among the ranks and citizenry of the Infernal Empire, the Church of Satan. Filled with dark verse and metaphor about how Satanism, founded by Anton Szandor LaVey in 1966, is applied by the individual Satanist, as well as how this life-loving and indulgent philosophy has impacted their lives, this collection is an artistic peek behind the curtain into the life of the Satanist.

Since its founding in 1966 by Anton Szandor LaVey, Satanism has attracted the creative and intelligent, and this bold philosophy has been put into practice by millions worldwide as they blaze the trail of their individual path. Curated by Ronald J. Murray and Ruth Waytz, this poetry collection showcases the wit, wisdom, and wordplay of members of the Church of Satan. Featuring poetry by:

  • Draconis Blackthorne

  • David Ingram

  • Rick Powell

  • Robert J. Leuthold

  • Grigori T. Cross

& more!

Cover artwork by V Holeček (

Release date TBA. Follow this blog for updates.

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