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RAVEN CALL: Robert J. Leuthold

Every week on my blog, in celebration of National Poetry Month, I'll be featuring one dark poet. This final week's dark poet is Robert J. Leuthold.

Robert J. Leuthold was born on November 3, 1977 in Biloxi Mississippi. After numerous appearances in Infernal ink Magazine published by Hydra M. Star, and the Devil’s Diary by Draconis Blackthorne, his debut poetry collection, Obsidian Odes: a Collection of Erotic Horror Verse was released in 2019.

When he’s ‘s not writing or sorting podcasts, Robert can be found drinking coffee, and usually on Facebook.

Robert currently resides in Louisiana.

Ronald J. Murray: Tell me what drew you to writing poetry.

Robert J. Leuthold: My influences, honestly. The Marquis De Sade, Charles Baudelaire, King, etc.

RJM: What does your process for writing poetry look like?

RJL: There are two answers to this. The sarcasm in me says that I drink copious amounts of coffee and hope for the best, but most of the time, it’s completely at random. Depending on the mood and style, I nearly always compose to background music. (note: these questions were answered while listening to the final Necromantia release To The Depths We Descend.)

RJM: Are there any classics that influenced your work?

RJL: The authors mentioned above, but when I write Erotic Horror poetry (my forte, admittedly),

Barker, Stoker, Lovecraft, Poe, and others, have a hand (tentacle, broad-axe?) in my work.

RJM: Are there any contemporary poets that you admire?

RJL: Definitely Rick Powell. Does Tom Waits count?

RJM: Which achievement as a poet do you consider your most valuable?

RJL: When my poetry collection Obsidian Odes was released.

RJM: Which of your poems evoked the strongest emotional response from you as you wrote it? RJL: 28, which will be included in a future project.

RJM: What is your favorite genre of poetry to read? Do you stick with horror, or do you venture beyond the genre?

RJL: I mostly stick with Horror.

RJM: Do you have any speculative poetry collections in your TBR pile?

RJL: Not at this time, no.

RJM: Are you working on anything now and can you share any details with us?

RJL: Well, gee, I’d like to, but those nice men in the black van are glowering at me. Seriously though, I do have an upcoming appearance that I am not at liberty to disclose.

RJM: Where can we find you online?

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